Founded in 1986, AEC s.r.l. is specialized in the designing and manufacturing of stepper motor drives and hardware/software solutions for the automation in various industrial sectors: electromedical, pharmaceutic, textile machinery, food and beverage industry, labelling, packaging, print, machine tools, ceramic, wood etc.

The know-how acquired during almost thirty years of experience "in the field", the particular attention to the requirements of the market, the synergy created with the customers when developing applications, along with continous investments in R&D, are the main ingredients that permit AEC to constantly innovate and increase the technological content of its devices.

Il risultato è una gamma di prodotti che si pone all'avanguardia nel settore: azionamenti vettoriali stepless (open loop, closed loop), protocolli di comunicazione (Modbus RTU, CANopen, Profibus, Modbus TCP/IP, Ethercat), specializzazioni sui motori stepper (terminal box, encoder).

AEC is also active in the field of "mechatronics", providing integrated solutions such as rotary servoactuators, motorized linear axes, ISO servocylinders, planetary motor gearboxes. All of these products are optimized to operate with stepper motors; IRotoSmart©, ILinearSmart© ICylinderSmart©, IGearSmart© are the families of "embedded" products available.

AEC offers its competence in studying and developing of customised solutions for the control and application of stepper motors. The flexibility of the R&D department permits to quickly manufacture custom devices, according to the requirements of the customer.