The SMD1104LIP is a programmable vector stepper drive, equipped with Profibus DP communication protocol.

Main features:
 •   Field oriented control full-digital vector drive
 •   Voltage range from +24VDC to +80 VDC
 •   Voltage range from 0.1A to 6.0ARMS , 8,5APK
 •   Stepper mode or Servo mode (closed loop) operation modes
 •   Position control, speed control or torque control
  Dynamic Electronic damping, Torque ripple control
 •   Stepless
    Stand-Alone positioning (programmable by the user)
    Easy mode positioning, through inputs and outputs (up to 64 sequences)
    Positioning with Profibus DP communication protocol (PROFIdrive V.4.1)
    Advanced diagnostic
    Advanced graphic interface for configuration and visual programming

SMD1104 vector stepper motor drive closed loop programmable Profibus


Product image
Stepper motor drive Profibus SMD1104LIP
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